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The Dutch Healthcare System Essay

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Ultimately, the Dutch healthcare system is a very practical system to possible be instituted within the US, but lacks one key aspect that would drastically increase the efficiency of the system. Currently the Dutch health system is attempting to establish complexly electronic file but currently they are not complete and thus the national health system lags behind France and Germany that both have completely electronic health records and payment and thus with over 300,000,000 citizens to coordinate care for, it is more intelligent to have electronic records. This is why France and Germany are slightly more practical for the United States to reduce complexity.
To the immediate south-east lies, according to the World Health Organization, the number one nation in terms of delivering effective healthcare to its citizens. France practices a variation of the Bismarck system initially created by Otto Von Bismarck in Germany in the late 19th century. The French are large consumers of healthcare that which is high quality and cost far less than that of the United States. Within the Bismarck system providers are private independent physicians with also private insurance companies (Reid 18) and the system is a multi-payer with fourteen separate payers. Contributing the significantly cheaper services is the countries low administration cost (five percent) and the increased efficiency of medical record, billing, and care thanks to the Vitale card which possess all of the patients information and records within a small credit card shaped card.
The French national health system seems very practical for potential transfer and use to the United States. Much like how US healthcare operates today, there is no Gatekeeper system in place in France w...

... middle of paper ... to American citizen (Reid 241). Such an obligation has been fulfilled in every other developed country in the world and is arguably the biggest flaw of the United States. With the most innovative tools and wealth at its hands, the United States should be able to provide the best care in the world to its citizens (Reid 243). The United States requires an adaptation that not necessarily is a carbon copy of another nations system, but one that delivers comprehensive care to all of its citizens and allows the US to capitalize and flourish on the strengths in medicine and research that country beholds. Although many could potentially be practical solving the current healthcare crisis, the German Bismarck system is the most practical and appealing system and could solve many of the current issues associated with uninsured and underinsured citizens in the United States.

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