Durkheim and DuBois, Both Non-Rational and Collective Thinkers Essay

Durkheim and DuBois, Both Non-Rational and Collective Thinkers Essay

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Durkheim and DuBois are both Non rational, Collective thinkers whose actions are motivated by morals and ethics, principles, practices, beliefs, habits, or passion, and the lives of the past are patterns, which are the result of the futures’ fundamental formation. Both theorists have concepts, and studies which overlap with one another, and both theorists can be combined in their ideas through W.E.B. Du Bois’ classical work The Souls of Black Folks. In the book the metaphorical veil is brought to attention as the visual manifestation of the colour line, while in Durkheim’s theories the symbolic veil can be viewed as a sacred and profane object. Durkheim’s theory of the collective representation ties in to the depiction of the blacks and the prejudice behind the veil within society.
The Concept of the veil has been a significant symbol of clearly differentiating from the whites, in aspects of political, economical and social prospects. Durkheim explained symbol as “something that stands for something else”(pg. 135). It is a symbol that calls up shared notions and values. In the example of the Blacks in the south, the veil symbolized an “iron curtain” separating the two races, separation and invisibility, of the black and white. The veil had previously been worn because of previous traditions demanding a clear separation of the sexes. The veil is seen as a social barrier to prevent the “others”, black African Americans, from surpassing into the clean and pure white world. Nonetheless Du bois also states, that its possible for one to, lift up the veil when one wishes, and he can also exist in a region on neither side, white nor black, which shows Du bois’ many different meaning and function with the symbol of the veil.
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... collective consciousness of the Black community in the nineteen hundreds were seen throughout the veil a physical and psychological and division of race. The veil is not seen as a simple cloth to Du Bois but instead a prison which prevents the blacks from improving, or gain equality or education and makes them see themselves as the negative biases through the eyes of the whites which helps us see the sacred as evil. The veil is also seen as a blindfold and a trap on the many thousands which live with the veil hiding their true identity, segregated from the whites and confused themselves in biases of themselves. Du Bois’s Souls of Black Folks had helped to life off the veil and show the true paid and sorry which the people of the South had witnessed. Du Bois inclines the people not to live behind the veil but to live above it to better themselves as well as others.

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