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The During The Russian Civil War Essay

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After the Russian Civil War the Bolshevik Party emerged victorious but without the proletariat base that had supported them in 1917. The war left the Bolsheviks with problems now that they were in power. The economy had collapsed during the war and the proletarian class, which endured great suffering and sacrifice, along with it. Workers now expected better living and working conditions to be provided by the state. To stimulate economic and industrial growth the state implemented the New Economic Policy or NEP. A study of Bolshevik policy regarding the working class during the NEP reveals two distinct periods: the first focussed on stimulating economic growth at the expense of further alienating the workforce; and the second aimed to reconnect the Party and the proletariat.
At the end of the civil war the newly formed Soviet Union lacked the required raw materials and dedicated workforce to resurrect the economy and continue industrialization. To stimulate the economy the Bolsheviks introduced the NEP, which included the denationalization of small industry and the decentralization of larger heavy industry; it essentially returned the modes of production to prerevolutionary capitalist means. It primarily allowed for the accumulation of capital necessary for the continued industrialization of the soviet economy.
The NEP demanded large industrial output while minimizing the cost of production. The need to lower production costs put added stress on the labour force. The only means to achieve this goal was to increase the efficiency and productivity of labour. The Communist Party introduced piece rate payment, collective bargaining agreements between unions and factories, and ‘rationalization’. These policies saw unemployment grow ...

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...ocialism and devotion. The state now had a direct influence in workplace culture. They established large social insurance and welfare programs and provided housing for workers. Education at all levels expanded its reach to eliminate illiteracy across the nation. To its credit, by 1928 the Soviet Union had an industrial workforce 3.1 million strong and party membership above 1 million.
The newly formed Soviet Union emerged from the civil war as overly repressive and militant; during the NEP the Soviet Union re-emerged as the party of the proletariat. At the end of the civil war the working class was divided from the party. The engagement of young workers repaired the relationship between worker and party. By 1928 the Soviet Union had accomplished the feat of rebuilding its proletarian class of devout communist workers capable of continuing the socialist revolution.

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