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The Duke Substance Program Essay

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For years, Duke University and the Medical Center, has ranked among the best institutions in the country for students and patients as a top university and hospital with some of the best graduate programs. Now, Dukes name has been moving up on prestigious lists. The university, hospitals and clinics across North Carolina, employs more than 30,000 faculty and staff. However, Duke uses The “Drug-Free Workplace Act” and the “Drug-Free Schools which, coincide with there Campus Regulation policy. Within the passed few years, Duke Substance program has achieve there goals by providing assistance to employees and students who are in jeopardy of losing employment or opportunity for a promotion.
Over the years, Duke has expanded the EPA program. Out of the EAP program, Duke created several Personal Assistance Service (PAS) Programs. These PAS Service offers many programs that help to foster healthier lifestyles. The Personal Assistance Service consists of various wellness programs and mental health programs; stress, depression, weight loss, and alcohol recovery program. The PAS alcohol treatment substance abuse program is one that managed to help employees in need of recovery.
However, a written referral and personal request in necessary. Employees referral can either be formal (reported by the supervisor), informal or personal (3). Approximately four to six percent of employees will contact the EAP on their own. (1) These personal intervention to the Alcohol Program is confidential and in accordance with the state and federal laws. This is in compliance with the EAP Guidelines which states, “The EPA must remain the confidentiality of their clients and fully disclose condition that limit the confidentiality policies and condit...

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...ograms education efforts will be ongoing and not a one time event. For example, Drug Awareness Event will provide a one or two day workshops for manager considers all of the key issues involving the program as it relate to the development of the drug or a half day courses for any members of staff who will carry out drugs and alcohol testing for Duke.
With proper training and annual alcohol screening, EAP has provided guidelines that improve the quality of life and ensure job performance of the employee especially at Duke through there Personal Assistance Service(EPA) Program.

(1) Employee Assistance Programs: Workplace Opportunities for Intervening Alcohol Problems, the George Washington University Medical Center.
(2) Employee Assistance Program Guidelines
(3) The Wok Place and Alcohol Problems Prevention, Paul M Roman, PHD

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