Dugway Incident of 1969 Essay

Dugway Incident of 1969 Essay

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My research paper is on Dugway Proving Ground incident of 1969. The incident actually took place in March of 1968. What happened in 1969 was that President Nixon reaffirmed the “no first use, retaliate in kind” which became a national policy for the employment of chemical weapons. (Mauroni, Al, p. 33) The incident involved the killing of 6,000 sheep according to The Salt Lake Tribune. A deadly nerve agent known as VX had drifted off the reservation contaminating the sheep feeding area. The Army conducted investigations to show that they had nothing to do with the death of those sheep. At the end of the investigation it showed that they were not responsible for the incident. I am going to talk about the history of Dugway Proving Ground, and what cause the sheep to die. The people are blame the government for the death of the sheep, and the government is blaming ranchers. The government said the sheep died from the pesticides they sprayed to protect their crops.
The history around Dugway Proving Ground is interesting, because it was built in the spring of 1942, and testing started in the summer of 1942. They wanted to build this place quick as possible, because it was back during World War II. The mission of Dugway Proving Ground is to test, implement United States and Allied biological and chemical weapon defense systems in a secure and isolated environment. (DPG, March 2014) Dugway Proving Ground was established by the US Army Chemical Warfare Service, because they wanted a more secluded testing site than the one they had in the US Army Edgewood Arsenal in Maryland. Dugway Proving Ground consisted of 802 thousand acres. (DPG, Mar 2014) All that meant was they wanted to find a place that was not as visible to the people, and stayed...

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...a. Later they closed down the program, but it was eventually reactivated.

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