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Blood cannot be staged even when family values are. In Reality-TV family values, you can be the worst parent in the world but as long as you put family above all else. You can make yourself a martyr for your families happiness. Showing the world they too can have true happiness beyond all the money and recognition just by loving their family. The most important thing in life is family as long as it is like mine. The family unit and values must be put above everything else in life.
Duck Dynasty follows the true hegemonic narrative of the perfect nuclear family and demonstrates the staging of the modern hillbilly meets success. No Hollywood veneer of perfection for everybody to aspire to be. The status quo is not keeping up with the Jones ;but in being more humble and down to earth then the neighbors next door. The episode “Family Funny Business ep1. of Duck Dynasty introduces us to Robertson family their patriarch Phil, his wife Ms. Kay and their two sons Willie and Jase and their uncle Si.
The first episode features the resurrection of humbled homophobia, country cooking not ethnic cuisine, masculinity by way of guns, misogyny, with very little focus put on the family business. The devil may be in the details but the truth is in the editing. The show's introduction and theme song tells the truth behind the show's cast social-economic status ,and the role of women in the lives of the men of Duck Dynasty. The theme song sets the subliminal tempo with lyrics like “ you have been working, slaving your whole life away ” to be able to have the simple good 'ole boy country life. Implying that you must have worked hard at everything and you are entitled to do nothing.
The Duck Dynasty intro shows the men donned in ...

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...ccentric christian rustic country folk that can be monetized by buying products including: guns , bibles, prepper's survivalist gear, and the big boy toys for boating and camping. The women are shown to get what the men allow them after taking care of the family's needs first. Ms. Kay’s family dinners have a high price tag maybe not in dollars since so much of the meat is freely obtained but the hours in work are quite expensive on a woman’s body.
Duck Dynasty still feeds into the same old gender basis of women not being strong enough or intelligent enough to do the things men do and illustrates to other men how to put her in her place. The show also gives men a clear conscious because it their house and their rule. Duck Dynasty's family values are too rule their family with an iron-fist because after all it is family unit above everything and everyone else.

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