Duck Dynasty: Taking America by Storm Essay

Duck Dynasty: Taking America by Storm Essay

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uack, quack! If you’ve ever seen the new hit show “Duck Dynasty” you may find yourself thinking its duck season. A&E’s latest show has taken America by storm. The season three primer of “Duck Dynast” gave A&E it’s highest ratings ever. The show doubled in viewers from its second season to the third. It’s the second most watched show on cable behind “The Walking Dead” bringing in 8.4 million viewers. The show was the most talked about show on Facebook in 2012. The season 3 final beat American Idol in the ratings. The show’s growth will only go as far as America’s love for hairy, godly hillbillies, which at the moment seems to be growing everyday.
The show fallows the lives of the Robertson family who live in West Monroe, Louisiana. The Roberson family loves God, beards, and ducks. Almost anything can happen in an episode, but each episode ends with the Robertson bowing their heads around a home cooked meal giving their thanks.
Phil Robertson, the founder of Duck Commander, a multi-million dollar company that manufactures and sells duck calls. Phil is also the father o...

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