Essay on Duck Dynasty : A Reality Television

Essay on Duck Dynasty : A Reality Television

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Since the inception of reality television, viewers have enjoyed watching various characters embark on the journey of their daily lives. Duck Dynasty is a reality television show following the Louisianan family behind the hunting brand, Duck Commander. The CEO, Willie Robertson, guides the show, as other family members provide support for the show’s overall goal of aligning with a majority of Americans. Duck Dynasty’s ability to relate to the current time period allows the characters to connect with the audience on a personal level. While the show operates similarly to some reality television shows, it allows the viewers to become involved with a different niche. Duck Dynasty uses the reality TV style to connect with the audience on a personal level, and the show’s ability find a new niche amongst society allows the viewers to engage in an alternative culture.
Episode 3 of Season 3 titled, “Shot Thru The Heart” is an example of Willie’s role in his family. As the successful CEO of Duck Commander, a company that manufactures duck calls and hunting equipment, Willie acts as the professional leader throughout the show. His company remains a family business, and his brothers and relatives never cease to complain of his dwindling “redneck lifestyle.” Willie’s family provides humor through their outlandish showcase of the rural Southern lifestyle. The long beards and camouflage contribute to the characters’ rural appearance, but their eccentric personalities continue to draw viewers. “Shot Thru The Heart” begins with Willie’s gift to his parents, Phil and Ms. Kay. For their anniversary, Willie buys them a photography session with their dogs, which Phil quickly decides is “stupid.” The episode presents a dichotomy between the city-dwel...

... middle of paper ... each episode as support for the overall goal of accepting the outliers in society, and while leading by example, the Robertson family exhibits the outlandishness of various lifestyles through an outside lens. The show appears to fit a small niche in society, as the viewers may not relate to the lifestyles of Willie and his family. However, the audience continues to enjoy Duck Dynasty for its portrayal of new cultures and life-lessons. The divergence between Duck Dynasty and most media essentially allows the show to fill a void that previously did not discuss the cultural differences amongst regions across the nation. While existing as a show about Southern outdoorsmen in its simplest form, Duck Dynasty reaches a level of complexity that allows the viewers to learn about accepting alternative lifestyles in the midst of drawing connections to their personal lives.

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