Essay about Dubai International Airport Terminal 3

Essay about Dubai International Airport Terminal 3

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Description -Dubai International Airport Terminal 3

Dubai International Airport represents the largest piece of construction in the world which was inaugurated on 14th October 2008 for public usage. Presently, it has large space area as 18, 440, 000 square feet as it boasts as the largest airport terminal in the world. The half subversive terminal have a propounded capacity of 43 million travellers and it coasted around $4.5 million to execute the procedure of its construction. It exclusively operates for the Qantas as only one of the two aircrafts can be operated under Terminal 3. The terminal occupies various Airbus A380 gates where 18 gates exist at Concourse A and 5 gates exist at Concourse B.
Terminal 3 can be regarded as a subversive construction that includes premium lounges and restaurants along with a parking area for 2600 cars and 180 check-in entrances. The workstation proposes over double the preceding retail area at concourse C of 52, 000 sq ft for the shopping facilities.
On completion, it was the world’s largest building floor area, with over 1, 713, 000 square meter. It owns the capacity of managing 43 million passengers per year. It is working since 14th October of 2008, opened in four phases for the purpose of avoiding collapse of baggage handling. It has the large area under the subway for taxis which is in direct connection with the Concourse B.
Terminal 3 also holds the honour of having the largest baggage handling system on the Earth, having a facility to hold 150 bags per minute. The method comprises following sections as:-
• 21 broadcast injection tips
• 90 km long conveyor belts competent of handling 250 items per minute at a constant speed of 27 kilometres per hour
• 49 make-up carousels
• 4,500 luggag...

... middle of paper ...

...r example of utilising the latest software which provides incessant development in operational presentation in order to ensure smooth operations always.
Key figures
The scope of new baggage management arrangement is obvious for the number of apparatus and constituents installed. This project can be considered as highly complex because it resolved the problem of slow transportation within the airport as well as the associated flights. They could rapid ally transport the baggage even under the inclement weather conditions. The numbers below depicts the actual functionality of new baggage system’s statics.


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