The Duality Of How Light Behaves Essay

The Duality Of How Light Behaves Essay

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The duality of how light behaves depends in which state light is being observed and how it interacts with an object 's surface. It is neither just a wave or a particle, they coexist and react to objects electrons and protons within their atoms. Animals, plants and our sky are examples of how light reacts and are seen.
Light is a photon , which are tiny particles of light, however photons have electrons and protons which behave like waves and particles based on their given charge, this is the wave-particle duality. There is no clear distinction. When light behaves like a wave it responds to a particles electron frequency. When discussing frequency we are referring to light 's wavelength which is based on light 's energy.When the frequency from the light harmonizes with an object 's electron 's own frequency, light 's wavelengths are then absorbed by the electrons and it becomes energy. Particles move fast and build up energy such as heat, this is known as thermal energy. Think of a star 's luminosity, stars color is due to its temperature. Stars, like our sun, are made up of different elements (gases) that when they begin to heat up release thermal energy, and emit a particular color which again varies according to what type of gases are radiating from the star when the temperature drops or increases. The study of blackbody radiation explores the variable of elements, temperature and mass that corresponds to a starts color. Typically Red stars are cooler for red belongs to the lower end of the electromagnetic color spectrum(The Hertzsrung-Russell diagram )where you can see how the higher the temperature of a star is the bluer and smaller it is as opposed to red or orange colors which typically are lower than 3000 Kelvins a...

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...threatened its forces a molecular change by allowing the different layers of waves to match up and intensify the color red mimicking a ladybug that taste bitter. This is known as constructive interference of light.
Angles of light is what can determine pigmentation and how light affects color. In the case of the Opalescent Squid, its skin is made up of chromatophores (a cell containing pigment) and iridophores located beneath the chromatophore layer(reflective cells that vary color depending on the angle of light), they work together by expanding and contracting to intensify the darker pigments or a more lighter reflective color. Although hormonal and neurological changes are mainly responsible for the way the cells contract, light 's wavelengths are also a major player in how the squid intensifies its dermis when light enters the layers and then is reflected.

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