Dual Relationships Can Be A Major Ethical Issue Within Group Counseling Essay

Dual Relationships Can Be A Major Ethical Issue Within Group Counseling Essay

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Dual relationships can be a major ethical issue in group counseling, as well. According to Moleski (2005), “A dual or a multiple relationship exists whenever a counselor has other connections with a client in addition or in succession to the counselor–client relationship. “This may involve assuming more than one professional role (such as instructor and therapist) or blending professional and nonprofessional relationships (such as a counselor and friend or counselor and business partner)” (Corey, Corey, & Callanan, 1998, p. 225)” (p.3).
There are different dual relationships; by choice and by chance. By choice dual relationship is voluntary. Both individuals know that they are in therapy together, but they still decide to create this relationship. For example, an individual is seeking a counseling group. His/her coworker recommends a group for him/her. When the individual arrives to the meeting, he/she realizes that the coworker is the group leader. The individual should not continue to go to the meeting. However, he/she does. The individual decided to stay which created a dual relationship between the coworker and him/her.
By choice dual relationship is unavoidable, involuntary or mandated. Neither individuals knew that he/she would see each other outside of the group. For example, a member of the group can begin going to a new doctor. The member of the group then finds out the doctor is also a member of the group. In this example the member who is attending the doctor, cannot continue to see the doctor due to his attendance in the group. This ethical code is placed in order to avoid a confidentiality breach.
In order to avoid ethical issues from occurring in group setting the leaders should gain some knowledge on facilitatin...

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...ovided criticism or advice in a group counseling session, the client may believe the leader is singling him/her out, which can lead to backlash and attacks. According to Piper (2008), “The therapist is more exposed in a group and may also feel more open to criticism and attack. For all of these reasons, the therapist may similarly anticipate and experience greater anxiety in the case of group therapy relative to individual therapy”(p.130). Whereas, in an individual therapy session the client may be open to hearing the therapist’s advice because they believe the therapist has good intentions. Organizing group therapy sessions can also be difficult for a therapist. The therapist has to organize a group session that is convenient for all participants. Whereas, an individual therapy session the client sets up a time that is convenient for both the therapist and counselor.

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