Essay on Dual Perspectives Framework : Dual Perspective Framework

Essay on Dual Perspectives Framework : Dual Perspective Framework

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The first framework that would be beneficial when working with this population is the Dual Perspective Framework. The Dual Perspective Framework is a model that charges the social worker with assessing and understanding the client’s world. While doing so, one must take into account the client’s relationship to not only their immediate family and community, but also to the larger societal system while considering and comparing values, attitudes, and behaviors (Prigoff, 2003, p. 80). Another way to explain the Dual Perspective was presented by Dr. Nimmagadda as part of the diversity section of this course (2015). The contrasting views are also known as the “Nurturing Environment” versus the “Sustaining Environment.” The “Nurturing Environment” can be identified as the individual’s family or immediate extended family, while the “Sustaining Environment” can be identified as how an individual feels other’s view them in the social environment (Nimmagadda, 2015). An individual can evolve and change according to their experiences and interactions in both environments.
I chose this framework because each gender diverse individual is unique in their own way in relation to where they are in their personal journey of self-concept, gender identity, and transition. They also have a unique relationship within their family or “Nurturing Environment,” and their relationship with their outside world, or “Sustaining Environment.” Sometimes there may be issues of tension and goodness of fit with one or both of their environments (Nimmagadda, 2015). Adding to this tension could be experiences of rejection, isolation, and denial. Supports and acceptance may not always come from the immediate family but from the outside or “Sustaining Enviro...

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...he tool could help to clarify the clinical problems that Gilda may be experiencing from her own point of view and could assist in identifying the role of her cultural identity which could help to alleviate or add to the problem (APA, 2013, p. 753). Outcomes of the interview could then be evaluated to help the client and provider to gain a better understanding of the client’s cultural identity and to help assist in further treatment planning.
Finally, it is important for a social worker to consider the many aspects of culture, diversity and individual experiences. This paper has presented concepts, skills, conceptual frameworks and examples to be contemplated when working with gender diverse individuals. I look forward to the opportunity to learn more about the connections between diversity, policy and ethics as I continue to explore working with this population.

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