The Dual Labour Market Analysis Essay

The Dual Labour Market Analysis Essay

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In the dual labour market analysis, workers are divided into two parts: core and periphery. Core workers are highly skilled, well-paid and usually make up a small percentage of the whole labour market. While periphery workers, greatly outnumber the former, are low-skilled or unskilled and more disposable. (Castell,1996) Both Usell and Christopherson argue that the labour markets of their research area are dual. But the ways they distinguish core and periphery are different.
Christopherson and Storper divide core and periphery basing on the chances of accessing work hours. Two-thirds of the workers who got enough work hours could be counted as full-time workers. And the rest of the workers often experience longer unemployment period between two jobs. So, the annual income of a core worker is much higher than a peripheral worker although they earn similar hourly wages.
In Usell’s paper, freelance workers in the television industry get work opportunities by their reputation and interpersonal relationship. People often work as a team and the team members are familiar to each other or recommended by intimates. So, workers who have great former performance or stable interpersonal connections always get more chances to be recruited to a project. The more chances they get, the more experiences they get. With these rare resources, these workers are easier to produce more successful products and remain “core” status. And for newcomers, it is hard to get experience and build their own networks.
However, Christopherson and Storper’s dual labour market analysis is criticized by Blair. (2001) Blair indicates that they ignored the fluency about the workers, how they move from job to job. In Blair’s research, semi-permanent work groups are signi...

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... but the work hours could be long. Income was linked to job tenure. Senior workers usually got more hourly wages then junior workers in the same occupation. However, in the flexible specialized motion picture industry, the annual income depends on the total working hours rather than seniority. The income variations cause the intra-occupational labour segmentation. Core workers earn 45 per cent more annual income than peripheral workers. (Christopherson and Storper, 1989)
Usell’s paper indicates that payment of the new entrants in the UK television industry is extremely low. However, the author only put some examples about the annual income at the entry points of three different occupations in the television industry in the year of 1997. Without comparing with other industries and senior workers, it is not compellent to argue that the income of a newcomer is very low.

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