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Essay Dual-Earner Family

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“In dual earner families, the father’s willingness to share responsibilities is a crucial factor. If he is uninvolved, the mother will carry a double load, at home, and work, which leads to fatigue, distress, and little time and energy for children” (Berk, 2009). The challenges that Deb, Ron and their children face are both parents work on none stop schedule. Deb and Ron interview gave insight as to how busy they are; they also talked about how their typical day goes. For example in Ron’s interview, he discusses how his day starts. He wakes up at 5:30am, gets himself ready for work, open blinds to let in the day light, get the children their morning juice, bring Deb her water so that she can wake up and began her day. Along with making sure, the bottles are ready for the babies. In addition to this, Ron is enroll in school, and has to take care of his household chores. Deb shares that her day start around 6:15am, her husband has left the house by 7:00am. This leaves her to get herself dress and the children dress, feed the children breakfast, and gather up things needed for their day. she prepares all this the night before. Even though, Deb lay out needed items the night before there still seems to be concern about rushing out to get the kids to the baby sitter and daycare, and having to return home to finish getting ready for work. Deb also works one are two nights out of the week, as well. She express she feels exhausted having the kids by herself while Ron is working his required weekend. They both express frustration with not getting any of their, to do list completed. Not only are there list lacking, but the children are not getting the needed quality time they should from their parents. If the children could voic...

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...le, children having an, attentive, sensitive, consistent, responsive and affectionate care, interaction from parents and other primary caregivers. Children need a nurturing relationship with at least one parent or their primary caregiver, having a language-rich environment, which includes opportunities for reading, singing, listening and talking. I would end the session by asking Deb and Ron do they have any specific question of me.

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