Dual And Multiple Relationships Within A Social Worker 's Context Essay

Dual And Multiple Relationships Within A Social Worker 's Context Essay

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Dual Relationships in a Social Worker’s Context
“Dual or multiple relationships” is a second relationship that arises between two individuals who are currently or were previously relating with each other in a professional social worker to client manner. In my understanding, it is a relationship that is outside what is intended, and goes beyond to break professional boundaries that formerly existed between two people who may have same or different professionals. In view of the ethical values, dual relationship includes factors such as; bartering for goods and, or services; providing therapy to a relative or a relative of a friend; socializing with clients; and lastly, becoming emotionally attached to or involved with the client or former client by way of sex, or even combining the roles of a supervisor and a therapist concurrently
Rural social workers must be able to relate to others in their community in fairly close terms, which may present more ethical dilemmas as avoiding dual relationship may be more difficult. There are quite some unique challenges that may exist at the rural level regarding dual or multiple relationships. They include self-matching, rural clinician isolation, the creation of boundaries among the community members as well as the existing ethical principles that compete with one another. Self-matching often ensures that clients categorize themselves and the social workers regarding race, education and religion among others. Hence, they only prefer certain health workers whom they believe are in a better position to understand them since they have certain similarities. As a result, dependency and dual relationship ensue between the clients and the social workers that may interact in the same community, social ...

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... when there is a potentiality of a rising psychological harm to the client (Reamer, 2003).
Tolerating ambiguity when resolving ethical conflicts like dual relationships must rely on the social worker’s judgment. As a professional, one must understand the limits and boundaries that exist between social workers and their clients and must strive to educate the clients on the importance of such boundaries. He must also be in a position to seek professional; help or supervision from other colleagues (Reamer, 2003). Through the use of the risk management procedure, he must examine the issues at hand, consult widely, document decisions made and then design a strategy for dealing with the ambiguity. Lastly, he must develop a monitoring and evaluation process to ensure that the design is working and then provide adjustments as required.

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