Drunken Drivers Test : Drunk Driving Essay

Drunken Drivers Test : Drunk Driving Essay

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Drunken Drivers Test
Drunk Driving is defined as: Operating a motor vehicle while one 's blood alcohol content is above the legal limit set by statute, which supposedly is the level at which a person cannot drive safely. State statutes define the legal limit to be between .08 and .10 depending on what state you’re in. Every 51 minutes in America, someone is killed in a drunk driving crash(MADD). That equates to 27 people every day. Which comes to a total of at least 9,855 deaths in a year. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, 32% of fatal car crashes involve an intoxicated driver or pedestrian (MADD). As of right now, in society the total number of drunk driving accidents is slowly but surely increasing and if nothing is done about it, it’ll result in a tragic amount of deaths and injuries. Drunk drivers are extremely dangerous not just to oneself, but to society as well. That is why one serious solution to this societal epidemic is to create a portion of the driving test where drivers will be required to be at least ten beers deep and while drunk they must drive through a set of cones, if any cone is slightly hit the testee will fail to receive their license.
Drunken driving tends to have many causes and effects, some of these effects deter harm upon others who aren’t partaking in the illegal activity; that is why this is such a huge issue. The most obvious cause of drunken driving contains a blood alcohol content above the legal limit, while operating a motor vehicle (Thomson, 2001). Another cause of drunken driving is due to the fact that drivers may believe that they are less drunk than they actually are (ReachOut). Other causes of drunken driving are that the driver may contain false confi...

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...lk and drive the streets with confidence knowing that each driver can drive when they are slightly fucked up. Three, hardly anyone will be able to obtain their license and there will be little to no drunk driving accidents! These are all examples of how this addition to the driver’s test will bring about great unforeseen benefits.
Drunken driving is a nationwide and global epidemic that must be diminished if not stopped. As of now there are drunken driving laws in place that “prevent” and “diminish” drunken driving occurrences. Yet, statistics show that drunken driving accidents and occurrences are on the rise. With the addition of this innovative test will reap confidence in knowing that the people you do see driving around are capable of driving through one hundred yards of cones while drunk. So tops off to the new drivers test and the confidence it brings.

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