Drugs Should Be Legal Or Illegal Essays

Drugs Should Be Legal Or Illegal Essays

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All types of drugs whether being legal or illegal, recreational or prescribed, greatly influence our state of consciousness. They are capable of altering our perception of reality, and in turn the ways in which we behave and interact with our external environment. The substances in psychoactive drugs change the ways our neurons function and are anatomically similar to the chemicals naturally found in our brains. The molecular structure of a drug and the mental setting that the user is in directly affects how the user’s body responds. These drugs can result in a euphoric “high” that increases the individual’s alertness and positively reinforces this habit, motivating the user to interact with the drug again. With a drug’s use becoming more frequent, the person’s tolerance for the substance increases, meaning that they require more of it to achieve the same level of intoxication. When use of a drug is sustained for a long period of time, the user can begin to demonstrate symptoms of dependence for it, both physically and psychologically. Physically in that the individual needs to continue to take the drug to avoid withdrawal symptoms, and psychologically, in that the person develops a craving for the drug. This dependence can be observed when the individual cuts him or herself off from the substance and experiences withdrawal symptoms. To avoid these nasty symptoms, the person oftentimes has to continue to overuse or depend on the drug, resulting in detrimental effects on both their physical and mental health, as well as damaging their close relationships. This struggle with dependence and withdrawal indicates that they may in fact be suffering from a substance use disorder. Though many people suffer from this condition, they may n...

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...calming effect. It has been popular with humanity since its creation thousands of years ago and continues to be the most widely used and abused drug. In fact, 78.2% of young adults have consumed alcohol, 52% saying they consume it regularly. At low doses, it promotes feelings of relaxation at the expense of impaired judgment. In the extreme, at higher levels of consumption, it can depress brain centers, impair muscular coordination, and even cause blackouts. Alcohol’s use is so widely engrained in most cultures around the world, that many people unknowingly put themselves in danger of becoming dependent to alcohol because drinking alcohol is often confused with being sociable and practicing the cultural norm. With knowledge of alcohol use disorder and other substance abuses, it becomes obvious how in fact they do work and how to prevent us from abusing this drug.

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