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Drugs in High School Essay

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The line between public safety and the continuation of a high standard of privacy for all is a razor thin line; the United States government itself straddles it every day. Such is one very serious complication that the administrators and security forces of Coppell High School face: it is in the best interest of the administrators to prevent drug usage in the school as to stop the spread of any conflict (namely any characteristically delinquent behaviors such as interpersonal violence and school dropout) that they could potentially cause. However, it is also imperative to maintain some level of privacy so that students do not lash out against the administrators and school-wide morale remains fairly high. Numerous students and other relevant candidates have been interviewed, and a unanimous response has been clearly received. This is that drugs are a problem that could very well have destructive effects on CHS. Now that this has been proven, the objective now is to prove to high level school officials that it is a problem, and as a result another objective is to devise the most effective solution possible to eliminate this problem to the fullest extent while still maintaining the maximum apogee of privacy on a student-to-student basis.
Drugs are absolutely everywhere around Coppell High School and they are certainly the predecessors to much more enormous and dangerous problems that pose a very relevant threat to CHS. Several factors attest to the fact that this is a rational and eminent threat worth the attention of the Coppell Independent School District. Many studies have been conducted that study the effects of drug usage in schools and what other destructive problems they may eventually lead to in the future. One of many fore...

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