Drugs Are More Than Just A Problem Essay

Drugs Are More Than Just A Problem Essay

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Drugs are more than just a problem, they destroy anything and everything to the person that is using them. It tears apart the person’s family and makes the family choose, if they want to save their kid or if they know he or she will not change so they give up on them. Family is not the only problem that drugs cause, there are so many more problems that affect more and more people. Drugs cause people to do desperate things and that means they will commit crimes like stealing and other serious ones too just to get there fix for the day. Drugs are everywhere and need stopped, they are not just a nationwide issue, they are present from the big cities all the way to the small towns. There needs to be a better and more resourceful option for drug addicts once they get out of rehab. Something to keep them connected and motivated to stay off the drugs.
The solution is needed throughout Licking County. It is needed because it has affected the whole community. It brings in tons of problems that can easily be avoided. Drugs make people commit other crimes like burglaries so they can get the money to go out and buy the drug to get high again. They need it to survive, to get up in the morning and function. There are limited resources for people that need help to get off of drugs. They can go to rehab or they can attend a halfway house, but what happens after these programs. They are put right back into the environments that they were just in. Right back into the drug life that they just got rid of. Rehab facilities only work for the short term solution for the drug user. They can go into rehab for months but once out there is nothing there for them to go too. In “Residential Rehab Only…” it states that after three months of people going into ...

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...rehab, just like the program that we want to start. Having people to encourage and motivate you is the best way to stay off drugs.
Some other people might say that our solution would not work because it would end up being another rehab facility. They would say that people would not want the help that we are providing for them. There would have to be rules just like rehab so we could keep control of the people that we are monitoring. It would end up just like every other drug free place and not help people, but this is where our program will be different. We know that this is what people will say, so we are not going to let them change what we want to do and keep to our plans. In conclusion, our program will help people who want to stay off of drugs after rehab stay off of them and give them the support they need. It will help them start their second and better life.

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