Drugs Are Any Materials That Affect Human Bodies Essay

Drugs Are Any Materials That Affect Human Bodies Essay

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Drugs are any materials that affect human bodies. According to Chen (2010), “drug addiction as loss of control over a behavior that causes continued suffering to the addict and others” (p. 8). A drug problem is considered as one of the biggest issues that many countries around the world suffer and seek hard to fight. Drugs cause many damages on many aspects, such as health, social, economic, and security. As Lamb, Maguire, Ginsburg, Pinkston, and France (2016) added, “drug use is high in the US… over 21 million Americans, or about 8% of the population meet the criteria for substance abuse or dependence” (p.1). There are two types of drugs: one is illegal and the other one is legal. According to Lamb, et al. (2016), “the habitual use of licit and illicit substances threatening the individual and society” (p. 1). Illegal drugs which are more numerous and widespread in many countries around the world have a number of symptoms, causes that lead a person to be addicted, optimal treatments that an addicted person can follow to eliminate drugs addiction.
First of all, there are various types of drugs, which are ranked on the basis of the degree of the effect on nervous system, which reflect many symptoms on the users. The main example of illegal drugs is marijuana. According to Patkar, Batra, Mannelli, Casey, Vergare, and Leone (2005), “marijuana users comprise nearly 75% of all illicit drug users in the U.S.; about 55% use mostly marijuana and about 20% use marijuana along with another illicit drug” (p. 2). Marijuana is one type of drugs, which is a plant, and it is known by many nations. The person who uses marijuana shows some symptoms, for instance, redness of the eye, depression, and an increase of the appetite; similarly, cocaine ...

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... emotions, familial and social lives and their financial expenses (Chen, 2005). For the reason that the illicit drugs are dangerous for nations in the world, using them is considered a big issue in societies. While the corruption of the individuals affects societies, preventing drugs is the best way to stop addiction. As a community, we need to help addicted people to drugs in finding meaning in life since the loss of meaning in life is a reason that leads them to abuse drugs. Additionally, community awareness has an effective role on individuals by publishing information about the danger of drugs. Most governments in many countries keep warning against drugs; these warnings help to hinder drugs. In order to maintain societies, prevention is everyone’ responsibility, and the indifference leads to a negative influence, first, for an individual, and then, for a society.

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