Drugs And The Dangers Of Drugs Essay

Drugs And The Dangers Of Drugs Essay

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Drugs. The word itself sounds dangerous. Little is it known that drugs are even more dangerous that most people can ever imagine. A complete overview and insight into the world of drugs and the dangers of illegal, addictive substances will be provided. Drugs are an evident hazard and epidemic in today’s society, so it is definitely necessary that a full point of view is apparent.

From the very beginning of human history, drugs have been used for medicine and recreation, some of these recreational uses have been good while others have been lethal. The first known uses drugs comes from the time of the Sumerians around the year 5000 BC. Thousands of years went by before the next recording of drug use with people in Switzerland eating poppy seeds and experiencing a euphoric feeling. The next appearance of drug use in ancient history is the major use of drugs by the Chinese. By 1838 the Chinese were receiving 40,000 chests of opium a year. Drugs would only continue to rise in the following centuries until 2016 where drugs are almost an everyday occurrence. In recent news, many celebrities have passed away from drug overdoses including Philip Seymour Hoffman and Cory Monteith.

Drugs can appear in many shapes and forms. Certain drugs can be injected via a syringe or needle, smoked, ingested through the nasal cavity, and even laced into certain foods and eaten. Unfortunately, in certain areas, drugs can be very easily obtained in an unsafe environment. Usually, drugs affect teenagers the most who are in their high school and college years. It is reported that teenagers can get their hands on narcotics at a myriad of places in their daily lives. They can be found: In the medicine cabinet, at home, at a neighbor’s house, online, a fri...

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...our Hoffman, and most recently Prince

Drug outreach over the globe is readily available. In Saint Louis specifically, drug outreach is nearby and easy to obtain. Even as young as being in elementary school, Saint Louis kids are educated on the dangers of drugs by various organizations, such as D.A.R.E. or the N.C.A.D.A. These centers swiftly provide proper treatment and consultation for those who are addicted to illegal substances. With trained therapeutic professionals, a full recovery and rehabilitation is quickly and easily achieved.

In conclusion, drugs have been abused in today’s world for far too long. Drugs are a risk to anyone’s health and general well-being. Drugs influence and shape a negative society, so their prevention is a necessity. Drug use should be put to a rest to end constant years of peril and even death in America and all over the planet.

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