Drugs And Chemicals That Can Harm The Developing Womb Essay

Drugs And Chemicals That Can Harm The Developing Womb Essay

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Drugs and chemicals that can harm the developing embryo are known to be teratogens. Pregnant woman who actively engage in consuming any form of teratogens can affect prenatal development. Having good health and avoiding drugs from conception to birth is extremely important during the thirty eight weeks of prenatal development. As a result, alcohol conception during pregnancy can be abusive to the new human life, and can cause life-long damages.
The zygote, embryo, and the fetus are all three significant periods of pregnancy that each plays a major role in developing a baby (Kail and Cavanaugh, 2010). Therefore, drinking alcohol is harmful to the developing fetus all throughout pregnancy. During week one through twelve of the first trimester the new creation of life has already passed through the zygote, embryo, and a small portion of the fetus period. Alcohol consumptions can dangerously affect the developing embryo, and can cause a range of malfunctions like Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (FAS) to low birth weight (B.F, 2010). In effect, the permanent damage that alcohol leaves behind to the baby during conception and after birth is developmental disabilities. The emerging brain structures throughout the pregnancy can easily be damaged by alcohol. In fact, during the period of the zygote the brain has already begun to develop (Kail and Cavanaugh, 2010). At twenty eight weeks the baby brain has matured to all the neurons it will ever have (Kail and Cavanaugh, 2010). Prenatal alcohol exposure attacks the fetal brain structure and function causing FAS (Mattson, Schoenfled, & Riley, n.d.).
When a pregnant woman who drinks an unhealthy amount of alcohol during her pregnancy can hurt the baby’s corpus callosum, which is a significant part of...

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... children with ADHD who parents had histories of alcoholism were at risk of suicide (B.F, 2010). Equally important, children with FAS also struggle with complications with their language skills, fine-motor behavior, and academic performance. Children with FAS will have deficits in memorizing verbal information, and have significant impairment in learning. Children with any of these troubles that prenatal alcohol exposure inflicts them will carry on throughout life. They will have to learn how cope, and deal with the trails (Mattson, et. al, n.d.).
In conclusion, teratogens like alcohol can traumatically harm the growing fetus while being in the womb. Growing up the baby will have to endure life struggles. All through the pregnancy is especially important from conception to birth and sustaining from any form of teratogens will positively impact the newborn,

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