Essay on Drugs And Alcohol Mask The Pain

Essay on Drugs And Alcohol Mask The Pain

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In today 's world majority of humans are going through some type of difficult journey . A difficult journey varys from person to person. One person could think of a difficult journey as being getting over an ex and recovering from the break up while another person would consider battling cancer a difficult journey . No matter what one is going through at the time it is difficult for them to handle. When humans become stressed out with these difficult journeys or situations they automatically feel as if they need to somehow escape these negative feelings. Humans cope with stress differently , some may turn to exercise or listening to music while another human could turn to drugs and alcohol to escape their feelings and situations. Although drugs and alcohol mask the pain immediately , reading seems to ease the pain and heal the pain of a difficult situation for a longer time . Many may not realize it , but when they read they are relating to the plot , the actual words or the character’s in the writing to their own life and the concept of finding those connections are very therapeutic.
The first connections readers find within a piece of writing is a connection with an individual character. This character that is relatable is most likely the main character , but that does not always have to be the case. Finding a connection with a character is a very good feeling . When one finds this connection they can relate to this character and feel as if their life is being told throughout the story. Most commonly this connection with a character is brought up when talking about Super hero stories . Super hero stories include names like Batman , Superman and Spider man. These stories give the reader a chance to relate to these superheros an...

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...different aspects shown throughout the story to relate to his own life. May kids use these superhero stories to get through battles . In children 's Hospitals , there is always superhero decals or dressed up characters come into the hospital to visit the children. This is such a beautiful action because it gives children who are sick the hope that they can make it through their battles. Reading superhero stories and even meeting dressed up characters has such a positive impact on these children 's life. It is a way for not only those children , but to anyone who is reading these stories to find hope . Readers find these beautiful connections with the characters and their journeys and use it to help their situations out. Reading is very powerful and therapeutic . Finding connections to stories or characters in a story is a very positive aspect to have in one 's life .

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