Drug Use Prevention ( 2013 ) Essay

Drug Use Prevention ( 2013 ) Essay

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According to UNODC, International Standards on Drug Use Prevention (2013). In many individuals, drug use is often only one of some unsafe behaviors that share numerous vulnerability aspects. For instance, many of the threat factors related to drug use are as well associated with adverse effects such as violence, dropping out of school and unpredictable sexual activities. Substance use prevention addressing these typical risk factors is therefore similarly functioning in preventing other risk conducts. Most drug use starts in adolescence. The sooner a person initiates smoking, drinking or using controlled substances, the superior the probability of increasing dependence. Also, certain symptoms and conducts are alert signs of substance use in teens, as well, they may also be revealing other complications, such as depression. Many warning signs may contain traces of alcohol, smoke or other chemical scents on the youth or their friends’ breath or clothing, evident intoxication, dizziness or strange conduct, school troubles such as deficient or failing or inadequate grades, inadequate attendance and recent discipline difficulties and depressed mood.
The Substance Abuse Mental Health Services Administrations (SAMHSA.gov) article declares an increase in binge drinking proportions between Hispanic-American minority groups that are now higher than the coast-to-coast average. In general, drug use concerning Hispanic juveniles has augmented at disturbing proportions, and Latino teenagers are misusing illicit substances more than any other ethnic group. Little research on Substance abuse and addiction among Latino youth have been done as mentioned by (Mancha, Hulbert, & Latimer, 2012, p. 430). Alcohol and Tobacco are the most abuse licit sub...

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Percent of high school learners who had at smallest amount or consumed one drink of alcohol (during the 30 days before the survey) Florida United States
37% 39%
36% 39%
38% 38%

Table 3
Percent of high school students who drove while drinking alcohol (in a car or other vehicle during the 30 days before the survey) Florida United States
Total 9% 8%
Male 11% 9%
Female 7% 7%

Table 4
Percentage of high school scholars that ever used marijuana one or more times (during their life) Florida United States
Total 39% 40%
Male 42% 42%
Female 36% 37%

Table 5
Percent of high school apprentices that used any form of cocaine during the 30 days before the survey Florida United States
3% 3%
4% 4%
2% 2%
Note: Statistics from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. (2012). 1991-2011 High School Youth Risk Behavior Survey data.

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