Essay on Drug Use Of Illegal Drugs

Essay on Drug Use Of Illegal Drugs

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Criminalization of improper drug use has increased around the world over the years. As a result of this there is a higher rate of disciplinary sanctions and rates of incarceration. According to this article, the United States has proved to be inefficient in managing the use of illegal drugs because it fails to see it as a health problem that requires an intensive treatment.The amount of people imprisoned keeps increasing because the primary cause of mass incarceration in the US is the use of illegal drugs. According to Bryan Stevenson, the way the country has been managing this issue is wrong because current policies have a limited impact on deducing illegal drug use and instead have resulted in adverse consequences for social and community health.The focus on drugs is believed to have redirected law enforcement resources that have resulted in more drunk driving, and decreased investigation and enforcement of violent crime laws. The increasing costs of mass imprisonment have also eliminated funds for treatment and counseling services even though some of these services have proved to be very effective. Public health concerns cannot be meaningfully addressed by policies which are primarily disciplinary. The decline of treatment/counseling services makes re-offending once released more likely. This is one of the ways in which incarceration has proved to be costly and less effective than other solutions. In the last years states have used a more effective way to combat illegal drug use by using alternative sanction models that involve probation, treatment, counseling and education. What this author recommends is that the country should legalize recreational drugs, so it is easier for people to admit to their addiction therefore rece...

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...l also increase. Legalization would encourage people to grow and sell pot under individual allowance in order to avoid paying taxes. It would also make health care cost become even higher and it would be way to acesible for tennagers that are in their developing years. Even though taxing marijuana would generate some tax revenue the number of problems produces from its legalization would far outweigh any gain made. This article believes the best strategy is to find a proper way to prevent illegal drug use and reducing the number of drug users. I believe this article has good points and it makes me wonder if there are enough benefits for legalizing marijuana that will outweigh all the possible problems caused by it. I agree to some extent with this writer, however I still believe that further investigation should be made to ensure whether it would be positive or not.

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