Essay about Drug Use Of Cigarette Smoking

Essay about Drug Use Of Cigarette Smoking

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Drug Use
Cigarette smoking in general is responsible for millions of death around the world and millions more impaired or suffering from serious diseases due to decreased immunity cause by long term smoking. When it came to placing blame on who is most liable, three parties fall in this bracket the tobacco companies, the government and the individual smokers. However, the most responsible of the three is the Tobacco Companies followed by the government and the individual smoker who is almost blameless but due to numerous study that has pointed to the effect of smoking including numerous warnings on the packs itself, they should be more mindful of their health. Below the paper discuses in detail the level of responsibility each holds.
Cigarette companies
Increased discoveries in 1950’s that linked cigarette smoking to a variety of diseases including cancer had put cigarette companies under immense pressure as sale were reducing or stagnant. The cigarette companies needed a way to improve their position in the market; hence they then created the revolutionary ultra light and light cigarettes. Since their introduction into the market the brands have performed very well and are now the most sold cigarettes in the US where it holds a market share of 82 percent. One third of all smokers in the UK also reported smoking ultra light and light cigarettes.
Since their introduction into the market until now light and ultra light cigarettes were marketed as a much healthier option to the convectional cigarettes. Moreover, it was meant and marketed to entice health conscious smokers; some marketing campaigns also suggested that it helped smokers quit the habit of smoking. Light and ultra light cigarettes were believed to have less toxins in...

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... the level of toxicity between the light and ultra light cigarettes and the regular cigarette. The misconception held by the smokers about light and ultra light cigarettes and their effects is as a result of misleading information from cigarettes companies targeting the most vulnerable and giving them the wrong information.
This is why I find the individual smoker least responsible. On one hand are the tobacco companies that want to sell their product irrespective of the harm they cause to an individual and on the other hand a government that is less proactive in taking concrete steps to bring the menace of smoking to an end. Nonetheless, this is not to say that the individual smoker is blameless. Smokers should be more mindful of their health. They should stop the ignorance and look to the facts that light and ultra light smoking is just as bad as regular smoking.

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