Essay on Drug Use By Pregnant Mothers

Essay on Drug Use By Pregnant Mothers

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Drug use by pregnant mothers provides varied consequences to the lives of their off- spring. Chances are increased that the newborn will be addicted to the same drugs as the mother if proper measures are not put into place prior to their birth or even before. In most cases, this requires abstinence from the drugs completely. Chances of future complications are increased the longer the period the mother is addicted to and dependent on drugs. The cost of detoxing babies born with NAS (Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome) can be upwards of $70,000 per child (Glauser). The cost of raising these children, with their varied medical diagnoses, varies by individual, but can be astronomical. Multiple consequences aimed at mothers using drugs have been explored in the past. They have tried jail terms when mothers give birth (Glauser). They have been trials of drug education, and there have been cases of mandatory drug testing of pregnant mothers (Bornstein). None have been found to be effective in steaming the rate of babies born addicted to drugs.
The different articles used in the research have shown various similarities and differences. For example, they have agreed that the issue of drug dependence has detrimental consequences to the lives of children. These children, born to drug addicted mothers, have attachment issues, are subject to neglect, and have developmental delay issues. The articles all state that this is a cycle brought about by the mother themselves having had a bad childhood, having mental issues, and/or having social issues. All articles also seem to take the view that the mothers are solely responsible for the children’s health later on. While the mothers’ intake while pregnant has a huge impact on the nature of the babies...

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...ter, poor educational and developmental outcomes and increased risk of substance use and mental disorders among drug-expose children raided in drug-using households that children of drug addicted mothers face (Gilchrist, Gail and Avril Taylor). Many drug using mothers, themselves, have experienced neglect, abuse, and have been in state care as children.
Because there is no way to tell why the mother is using drugs, there is no way to tell what course of action will help the mother. Since it has been found that imprisonment and drug education does not work, and mandatory drug testing is thought to be too invasive of mother’s rights, the only solution is to remove these newborn, irrevocably, from their mothers care. Though harsh, this is the only way to insure that the cycle of drug abuse is stopped and that these children have a change at a good and productive life.

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