Essay about Drug Use And Supply Of Ecstasy

Essay about Drug Use And Supply Of Ecstasy

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In late modern Western societies, clubbing is a central activity for young people’s life. It appeals to large groups of young people, which is seen as a way of maintaining one’s group of friends or celebrating the end of the working week (Parker and Willams, cited in Raven, 2012). Through the data of the Home Office publication Safe Clubbing, an approximated four million young people each week goes clubbing in the UK (Webster et al., cited in Sanders, 2005). Clubbing has frequently been associated with drug-taking. The research article is focus on the particular drugs, such as ecstasy, and specific groups, such as bouncers and punters. There might be no formal hypothesis in the article, and the purpose of the study might be to explore the extent of drug using and supplying in Club. According to Sanders’ research, the results show that the use and supply of ecstasy are becoming normalized at Sam’s Club. In this essay, I seek to determine whether researcher’s evidence is credible.

Research questions
Firstly, It is suggested by Ruggiero and South (1995) that the rapid growth of ecstasy use within clubs is ripe for the commercialization of this drug.2 One of the most effective ways of tackling drug’s selling are the ‘door supervisors’ in club land. Thus, the researcher explored the question that ‘what if club security themselves are selling’ or allowing drugs. In order to interpret the result, he analyzed the use and supply of ecstasy. Moreover, it is also stated by Sanders that different dance music scenes might influence the using of specific drugs. Researchers O’Hagan (1999) and Release (1997) have found that young people use ecstasy more frequently within club settings.2 Based on this, Sanders also posed questions ...

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...etween their users, suppliers and cultures. 5 Moreover, the researcher also proposed that bouncer’s background should be compiled by authority organizations, which might reduce the use of individuals with criminal histories and further reduce the illicit activities.5
The research article is developed to find out whether the use and supply of ecstasy are tend to be normalized at the Sam’s pub. Through participant observation and interviews with staffs, the research demonstrated that ecstasy was normalized at Sam’s club. Since it only focused on a particular kind of drug and club, the data are limited and not very reliable. Although there exist some limitations, the method that the researcher chose was still reasonable due to the access of more primary data. More researches should be done to demonstrate the findings might also be suitable for other settings.

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