Drug Use And Its Effects On Society Essay

Drug Use And Its Effects On Society Essay

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There are some who argue that drug use harms those around the user in a negative sense, they believe drugs must be outlawed. Due to this sense of reasoning there have been multiple arguments about drug use and if they should be allowed to be used. The Office of National Drug Control Policy shows its two cents on the issue.
The Office of National Drug Control Policy states that the use of drugs erodes the individual’s capacity to achieve the ideals of freedom and embrace their personal responsibility. Most agree that it is one’s own choice to use drugs and it makes people different from each other. However, it also states that through drug use, they user does not get the full capacity in which they can participate in the community that they truly belong. There are those in the world who do not believe in these reasons and principles.
Huemer starts off his argument by stating that dangerous driving while under the influence of drug should be prohibited due to its extreme negative effect on other people. As for the rest of the harms, he has quite a different story. Huemer states that because the hypothetical citizen Howard is a bad; worker, student, spouse, and parent that he is a terrible citizen and his behavior has adverse side effects to the other people who are in his life. In part (a) if the argument it was stated that drug use is bad and should be banned because it can cause adverse side effects to the other people in the drug user’s life. Huemer argues that Howard acts the same as a drug user, so should he be arrested too? The argument in (a) fails because even though drug users may cause bad things to happen and are not a good part of the community, it is absurd in his eyes to arrest someone just because they might do somet...

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...sers into society, it does not mean that some people cannot choose to be that way. Everybody deserves the same opportunities to do what they want with their lives, so if they want to take drugs and maybe become an outcast of society then it is their choice. He believes that drugs should not become illegal because people can influence harm onto others with or without drugs so it is just a technicality in the argument.
At the end of the day Huemer does in fact win the argument. His points show that it is everybody’s decision to do what they want and if they want to be a loser then they are welcome to. His main point that won is the fact that you can’t ban drugs just because they might cause problems for the community, just like you can’t ban peoples’ attitudes and how they act just because it might cause problems for the community, unless it would actually cause harm.

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