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The Drug Usage Of Prostitution Essays

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Prostitution often happens as a result of sexual abuse as a child, poor socioeconomics, or from predators who seek out young children to manipulate and sell them as sex slaves (Alder, et al., 2013). Drugs, on the other hand, have been an issue and inflicted humans for ages. However, drugs, prostitution, and transitional crimes are not unique to the United States and are often intertwined on a global level.
The use of drugs alters physical and psychological functions and has been used by various cultures for medical, religious and social purposes. However, drug usage in America began when physician unknowingly started using the addictive sap from opium as morphine for medical purposes (Alder, et al., 2013, p. 342). Other drugs were also used and implemented into household products until the addictive nature of these chemical became a problem and there was a public outcry for the state and federal governments to restrict the uses of these products. While the laws helped reduce the addiction problem by regulating the use and sale of these products, it also led to drugs being sold and distributed on the black-market (Alder, et al., 2013, p. 343).
According to the National drug survey, 22.6 million individuals ages 12 and older are regular drugs users in American (Alder, et al., 2013, p. 343). Violence and the spread of diseases are associated with drug usage and characterized by researchers as the dependency factor which leads to the lack of internal control and criminal behavior. In fact, research found that 82 percent of those arrested in 24 major cities in 1996, was due to drug use and drug related offenses (Alder, et al., 2013, p. 346). That said, some researchers are starting to advocate for legalization of drugs as the sam...

... middle of paper ... who want to learn about techniques the interest group I work for has used in the United States on animal welfare issues. These individuals and likeminded people are out there and want to make a positive change for the better in their own countries. Since globalization is not going away, and changing and educating individuals in the animal welfare field at the international level is working, why not on the transitional crime level? It is the victims at the individual level who suffer the most from corruption and can make a change through positive partnerships when those in power neglect the needs of the people. In fact, according to Portal (2016), small interest groups influence treaties and international policy in their own image during the negotiation and ratification phases of international law making because groups within their countries are unified entities.

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