Essay on Drug Trafficking And Its Effects On The Human Body

Essay on Drug Trafficking And Its Effects On The Human Body

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Through globalization, drugs are legalized and popularized among people in Portugal, Switzerland, Czech Republic, The Netherlands, and Uruguay which are countries having relaxed drug policies or decriminalize all drugs. However, drug use is still illegal in most countries, because of its destructive impacts on the human body. Since illegal drugs are expensive, people consider drug users to be wealthy in order to afford addictive drugs. Nevertheless, the young generation is addicted to drugs in the countries of poverty, because young people are the goal focused by drug trafficking, they are able to access both legal and illegal drugs, and youth uses drugs under the stress.
Drug trafficking mainly focuses on young people in poor countries. In Brunei Darussalam which is located in South East Asia, youth are the major target for drug traffickers.
In order to reduce the number of drug users and discourage the young generation from being attracted to drugs, Brunei Darussalam enforced tough laws and stringent approaches. In addition, United Union plays a critical role in fighting against drug uses in the world. In addition, people are able to get legal and illegal drugs, because of globalization.
Lacking of public security leads young people to be addicted to drugs. In countries of poverty, lacking of security is a long-lasting common problem. Because some of the poor countries have corrupt government, and some of them might be in a tense situation which wars will happen at anytime. Laos, a Southeast Asian country, shares a border with China. In Laos, smuggling drugs is very popular, because of lacking of security. Germinating the seeds of drugs is easier in the country, since less people are in charge of public security. Since Laos i...

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...bout double discrimination of young drug users in Argentina which is a poor country. Authors wrote, “All sorts of ‘experts’ comment about them, while giving them such labels as ‘poor’, ‘thieves’, ‘drug addicts’, ‘marginalized’, ‘school dropouts’, or ‘unemployed’”. These exaggerated assumptions gave young drug users bad impacts, and it affected them to use more drugs. Because these young people will be discriminated as soon as they become a drug users.
Although Drug trafficking, lacking of public security, and stress influence young people in the countries of poverty to be addicted to drugs. There are various solutions to avoid drug addiction. El Retono, a nongovernmental organization, provides services for drug users. The organization prevents people from starting to use drugs, helps drug users to stop using drugs, and diminishes the harm caused by drug consumption.

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