The Drug That Physicians Prescribe Help Children And Adults With Hyperactivity And Attention Problems

The Drug That Physicians Prescribe Help Children And Adults With Hyperactivity And Attention Problems

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Ritalin is a drug that physicians prescribe to help children and adults with hyperactivity and attention problems. Is getting a prescription for Ritalin too easy these days? Can we simply let a teacher or parent diagnose children with having Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), just because they lack the attention span that is expected of children today? Are doctors writing prescriptions just because parents take their kids to the pediatrician 's office and claim Ritalin would help?
Teresa T. and George L., who are highly educated and both successful professionals, take their son, Mike, to his pediatrician, with concerns about Mike’s behavior. They inform Dr. S. that Mike has been having trouble sitting still, following directions, and trouble with concentrated on his studies both at home and in school. After extensive discussion with Mike and his parents Dr. S. does not believe that Mike has Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder or any other issues that would result in a diagnosis. Dr. S. informs the parents that Mike seems to be a normal, energetic boy that is facing the challenges that every normal boy his age would face in school. Regardless of what Teresa T. and George L. heard from Dr. S., they still insisted that the doctor writes them a prescription for Ritalin for Mike. The parents told the doctor that based on what they have read about Ritalin and how it has helped children improve their concentration they wanted the doctor to prescribe this for Mike. Dr. S. is aware that Ritalin and other similar stimulants are often prescribed to children, he explains to the parents about his reservations about prescribing cognition-affecting medications for children who are well. Teresa T. and George L. also tel...

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...r children? Mills argues that besides any concerns we have about the use of Ritalin as a means, we need to reassess whether performance enhancement is always a good goal. Shoving pills down the throat of a child to keep them under control may not always be the best solution. The child may just be acting out for attention.
It is important to remember that too many children in America are suffering from
Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder and yet too many kids are getting pills instead of proper care. Although Ritalin seems to be an effective way to treat ADHD we must not be so quick to treat this disorder. Society must realize that prescription drugs can have as many complications as street drugs. Before having Ritalin prescribed or ADHD diagnosed, we must remember we are dealing with children. They put their faith in us to help them, not just medicate them.

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