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Essay Drug Testing Program

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a. Should Castulon Corporation establish a drug-testing program?
Castulon should establish a drug testing program because of the potential benefits that overrides the potential risks associated with such program. The bottom line of the company is profitability and stakeholder’s benefits; however, drugs do not contribute to any of these. The company relies on employee productivity, reduces employee turnover and absenteeism, reduced cases related to workers compensations. The impact of the drug testing program within the company on their morale and productivity will be heavy but will soon wear off. Having such program can also be used for deterrence purposes as the employee will try to avoid failing drug test and so is a long terms solution with short term negative impact (Hartwell, et al, 1996; AMA, 1995; Schlenger, 2002)
If so, recommend a specific policy for the program that includes disciplinary procedures for dealing with employees who test positive for drug use.
a) Drug testing and policy programs should be properly documented and communicated within the company and should not be used as a tool to incarcerate drug users in the company. The management should formulate policy geared at helping the drug users. Having an offsite drug testing facility such as a liaison with the specialist and hospital can be useful as it helps the drug users protect their dignity and image within the company (Irving, 1988, pp. 637-40; Sunshine, 1993, pp. 1-7).
b) The employee should be formed that the drug testing program is important for identifying drug users and developing an employee assistance program that help them manage their alcoholism problems within the company. Employee assistance program helps the management to retain competent e...

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