Essay about Drug Testing in Hong Kong School Districts

Essay about Drug Testing in Hong Kong School Districts

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Drug abuse has always been a severe problem all over the world. In Hong Kong, the number of drug addicts has increased each year and the age of drug abusers is getting lower. Students, even those in primary schools, have their first experience though cough medicine and paint thinner, two easily reachable and addictive substances. Despite of the increasing number of reported cases of drug abuse every year, the government and schools are still persistent in finding ways to at least stop more children from falling into this deadly temptation. To save the future pillars of society from bad influences of drugs and lead them to a brighter future, the government is responsible to propose and execute effective ways with schools; Although they have implemented drug testing schemes in schools, it is proven to be ineffective to stop teens’ drug abuse problem.
The drug tests are carried out in 23 schools in Tai Po, a district in Hong Kong, out of the total of 523 schools in Hong Kong. In these schools, up to 5% of the students in each school would be chosen randomly to take drug tests with consent from both the parent and the student on agreeing to take the test. Students’ urine sample will be used in the tests and the test covers several common types of drugs which were consumed by teenage drug abusers in Hong Kong.

There is a need in carrying out school testing schemes because of the increasing number of drug abusers over years. According to the statistics from the Central Registry of Drug Abuse, since 2003 there is a rise in the number of young drug abusers aged under 21, and the population of drug abuse have became younger by every year. For instance, the number of young drug abusers have risen from 2206 people in ...

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