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Drug Report - Steroids Essay

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Steroids Definition

A known drug that is used to improve the performance and to increase physical strength. This drug contains hormones, and vitamins to boost the performance of the average human. This could make the user stronger permanently. (Used in bodybuilding) There are many variations of steroids. Steroids can be used illegally, or for medical purposes.

The effects of steroids can both be good and bad. The good parts of Steroids are that it can be used to build muscle faster, and it can make you run faster. They also have negative side effects, such as acne, and quicken heart rate (good or bad in different ways.)

Steroids can build muscle faster because inside the pill, it contains hormone testosterone. This gives the male effects of puberty. This means that they grow faster which makes bodybuilding quite easy. When you lift heavier weights than you are used to, it caused tears which then get covered with cells. Then more cells add on to compensate, which basically increases your muscles. The steroid doesn’t go to your muscles and makes you like Hulk, Superman, or Popeyes and Spinach right away. It goes to your muscle from the blood stream and directly make the process of repairing a lot faster, and more cells sent to the muscle. A ten week study showed that Steroid can make a huge change, working out or not. Here were the results.

Ten weeks of the test and the results were:

- People who did not work out and did not take steroids did not make much change.

- People who did not work out and did take steroids made about seven pounds of muscle.

- People who worked out without steroids made about four pounds of muscle.

- People who worked out and took steroids made ...

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...tion Services:. Addiction Services, n.d. Web. 20 Nov. 2013. .

"Steroid Abuse Symptoms, Causes, Treatment - How Are Anabolic Steroid Abuse and Addiction Diagnosed? - MedicineNet." MedicineNet. N.p., n.d. Web. 19 Nov. 2013. .

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