The Drug Kingdom Of America Essay

The Drug Kingdom Of America Essay

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The Drug Kingdom, a place where a lot of mentality is required in order to be successful. For Amado Carrillo that was not a problem when he invented his way to transport drugs over to the united states. Sending a fleet of commercial Boeing 727 over to the United States. No one would suspect the cargo in them. No one would imagine that New York was getting flooded with Drugs. After many successful trips, Amado Carrillo earned his nickname, “The Lord Of The Skies,” and his legacy began as a critical Drug Lord in Mexico.
Flying weekly shipments he 's income grew into millions as well as his payroll personnel.
Born on December 17, 1956 in Navolato, Sinaloa, Mexico was Carrillo Fuentes. Carrillo was a member of the “Juarez Cartel” Quickly emerging into the head leader of it after killing his boss “Rafael Aguilar” in 1993. this event led him into the throne and he was able to do many things. As one of his major events was changing the smuggling industry. He outsmarted both the American and Mexican Law enforcements Personnel. He decided to purchase a fleet of Boeing 727 s and load it with his drugs. Carrillo Departed his fleet from Colombia to Mexico, for later fly to Manhattan. No one would ever suspect that the drug lord was flooding New York with Cocaine and Marijuana. After many successful trips he earned his nickname “The Lord Of The Skies” Ever since his legacy bega, as well as his wealth.
Many Drug Lords and drug smugglers in the past had to outsmart their way into crossing drugs over National Borders. From train Loads to backpack hikers, they all invented their routes and ways. many successful and others not so lucky. Until Amado carrillo presented his idea, he would do something that would change the drug smuggling game. No on...

... middle of paper ..., for example a church, a few schools. Young minds looked up to him and aspired to be like him. To have all the money, and to have the power he did. to be able to travel the world and get himself out of jail easily. A few young kids started to take his footsteps, getting and joining organizations. Witch most of the time didn 't end up in a good outcome, many losing their lives. Others in getting tortures. All in all carrillo’s impact on society had both good and bad, many people respected him as if he was the president of the current town or something similar.
Carrillo had an impact on me because he was a smart man in what he did, he knew what he wanted and how he was going to acquire what he wanted. didn 't matter who he had to kill but he would take any measurements to acquire such things. no one could make a fool out of him and who ever tried was to be killed.

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