Essay about Drug Addiction : Substance Abuse And Mental Health

Essay about Drug Addiction : Substance Abuse And Mental Health

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Drug Addiction
Over 24 million United States residents 12 and older are facing drug addiction, but shockingly only 10 percent will obtain help from an expert facility (“Substance Abuse and Mental Health”). Abuse and addiction negatively effects the addict along with humanity. An estimated $600 billion is spent annually as a result of substance abuse. As surprising as this number may be, it does not explain the depth of damaging public health and safety implications of drug addiction, essentially there may be child abuse, domestic violence, and loss of employment (“Understanding Drug Abuse and Addiction”). Addicts face critical health complications, monetary problems, ruined families, illnesses, or even death. As an addict falls further into their addiction, they will lose control of their drug usage, and most times exhibit harm to themselves and others (“Drug Abuse Ruins Lives”). Drug abuse takes a major toll on the addict, their family and on work relationships; on the other hand, there are numerous of people who have dealt with substance abuse overcame their situation and used it as motivation.
Neglect is defined as fail to care for properly. When pregnant, the fetus grows by feeding off of what its parent has consumed, from nutrients to toxins, anything in the mothers body may be passed on to the fetus (Lee). For an addict there are a number of ways to affect your child, especially while pregnant, if you are feeding your child toxins it is a form of neglect. Babies born to an addict might be affected long term or short term. Long term developmental problems may be seen in ones who are born with growth failure or organ problems. Babies born to mothers who drink alcohol or do drugs even in small amounts, may be born with Fetal ...

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...onship. Relationships with family and friends are almost impossible to maintain because the addict is only focused on their addiction. Drug abuse will have a major impact on the addicts’ educational and occupational pursuit, making it hard to focus on their life period. While the number of drug addictions steadily rises, the number of children who are affected by drug addiction rises also, this issue is limiting their opportunities and putting restrictions on what they are capable of doing. Children growing up among an addicted parent are likely to start experimenting with drugs, or find themselves in a relationship with a person with an addiction of some sort. Children more than likely grow emotionally unstable, and have physical and social problems (“Drug Abuse Ruins Lives”). No addiction is too far along to tackle, stand up, be strong and fight for your life back!

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