Drug Abuse of Hallucinogens Essay

Drug Abuse of Hallucinogens Essay

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Commonly known Hallucinogen drugs are LSD, also known as acid or mellow yellow; PCP, also known as angel dust, tic tac, super grass, or rocket fuel; Psilocybin also known as “shrooms” or magic mushrooms; DMT; and Peyote. Hallucinogen drugs alter human perception and mood by changing the user’s sense of reality. Effects of hallucinogenic drug abuse are unpredictable and the intensity varies on the dose amount. Common effects of abuse include an increase in heart rate and blood pressure, feelings of detachment from self and surroundings, nausea, vomiting, panic reactions, delusions, blurred vision, dizziness, and hallucinations (Drug-rehabilitation). “According to a study published in the Journal of Substance Abuse, 36 percent of Southern California high school students surveyed thought they were at risk for drug abuse or alcohol addiction” (Newport Academy).
Hallucinogen drugs are the oldest known drugs and were originally used in medical and religious practices. These drugs are usually found in plants, fungi, and mushrooms. LSD was discovered in 1938; manufactured from a fungus named ergot found on rye and other grains (Teen Challenge). PCP was developed in the 1950s and originally used as an anesthetic but was discontinued due to serious adverse effects in 1965 (Teen Challenge). Psilocybin is found in certain mushroom; indigenous to tropical and subtropical regions of Southern America, Mexico, and the U.S. (Teen Challenge). For centuries, Peyote would be used for religious ceremonies by natives in northern Mexico and southwestern U.S. (Teen Challenge).
“According to the National Survey on Drug Use and Health (NSDUH), there were approximately 1.1 million persons aged 12 or older in 2007 who reported using hallucinogens for the ...

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...individuals (Pamf). The drugs can result in tolerance and addiction; PCP can produce psychological dependence, and can result in long term depression and memory loss (Drug-rehabilitation). Treating addiction requires counselling and a 12-step support group (Drug-rehabilitation). In these support groups, patients identify causes of addiction and develop coping mechanisms, striving to embrace reality rather than escaping from it (Drug-rehabilitation)

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