Drug Abuse / Enhancement, Point Shaving, Or Dirty Play Essay

Drug Abuse / Enhancement, Point Shaving, Or Dirty Play Essay

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1. When it comes to cheating, drug abuse/enhancement, point shaving, or dirty play, I don 't tolerate that now or ever. As current coach before my kids step into my court, they have to read and sign the code of conduct with their parents. Their signing that they will not do drug, fight, drink, or use any enhancement if they want to play high school basketball. If they are caught they will automatically be kicked off the team and they would have wait the following year to play basketball again. I’m not trying to threaten my players, but I try to get my appoint across through them by giving them an early warning that the school and myself don’t tolerate cheating, drug abuse/enhancement, point shaving, dirty play etc. My players are always signing the code of conduct and I give them life story experience stories that I experienced as a youth. Though I am still young, I feel that I’m able to relate to them because I’m only few years older apart from my high school players. When I tell them stories, I never make it up or tend to make my life a struggle as a youth. I’m constantly reminding them you always have a choose to do right or wrong. Once you do something wrong there 's always consequence for your action which could lead to an ending career of the sport; that you have loved as child.

I’m always using myself as an example of not cheating the system and doing it the right way. I tell them that my friends did drugs and enhancement drugs so that they could have a possible chance to play college basketball which led them getting kicked off the team or losing some full ride scholarships. Yes, I remind them that they were the best players in the court, but they were cheating the system which led them dropping out of school or bein...

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...en you should be punished or be seated for at least one game. I really can’t stand cheating and it’s shouldn’t be tolerated in any sports.

3. I would apply that winning isn’t everything. It sounds so cliché but it 's so true at the end of the day. I 'm applying it to the volunteering coaches that love to coach. They sometimes get into it that they forget why they’re coaching the kids. When I started volunteering for coaching in Hawaii, I would have parents yelling at their children; why they couldn’t make a shot into the hoop. As I volunteer coach, I would encourage my kids and give them self confidence which gave them the ability to make shots. My kids would always go undefeated because I taught them to have fun which caused them to play at a high level of basketball. You teach them to have fun and the kids will give their 100% when it comes to playing any sport.

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