Drug Abuse Among Young People Should Experiment With Illegal Substances Before Adulthood

Drug Abuse Among Young People Should Experiment With Illegal Substances Before Adulthood

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Drug abuse in adolescent years stems from a certain misconception within our culture that young people should experiment with illegal substances before adulthood. Having attended an all-boys catholic high school, drug use is prevalent before and after school functions, at city festivals, and other celebrations around the city. The boys tend to abuse drugs and alcohol with their respective groups in private or in public and then go to the events. The all-boy catholic institution should hold the users accountable for their actions, and should offer students dealing with addiction the resources to help with their path to sobriety.

Many times, young people are introduced to drugs by friends, who have already been exposed to drugs, and then try to pressure others. Teenagers may look to drugs as an answer for stress, loneliness, or low self-esteem. These teens seek an escape from reality, and in doing so, drugs seems like the best option. Teenagers especially might look to drugs simply out of curiosity to both explore and to feel like an adult. However, students have witnessed friends abusing drugs who have become dependent on them, and their friends are now looking for help to regain control of their lives. Provided, if there were to be a drug prevention meeting, the administration would be giving students the opportunity to comprehend the long-term effects of drug abuse. If this proposed change should go into effect, the outcome of the students on drugs could be changed and alter the student 's life from drugs.

One possible solution to ending drug abuse in schools would be to have more educational programs explaining the effects of drugs on the body, as well as health education classes that should be made into mandatory school meeti...

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...elt parental neglect of the student to the rightful authorities be it the police or social workers.

In conclusion, there are many solutions that schools can take to administering a drug-free atmosphere at their campuses and for their students. The solutions involve providing educational classes on drug abuse to students and their teachers, educating teachers on types of drugs that student may abuse, and the administration keeping aware of the student 's home life and their involvement with their family The school administrations can give their students the information on how drug abuse is unhealthy and the effects and results of drugs abuse is to the body and with the law. The increase of consequences that the schools should carry out in their school systems to ultimately benefit the students and ultimately create a productive society for future generations to come.

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