Drug Abuse : A Drug Free Way Of Living Essay

Drug Abuse : A Drug Free Way Of Living Essay

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Since birth, children are always told to “not take drugs” even sponsoring a “Red Ribbon Week” to promote a drug free way of living. However, once those kids enter the world and become adults they are pushed to take prescription drugs to ease their lives. The constant theme seen is simply “Feeling down? Take a drug!” The problem is that children are only informed about the “bad drugs” such as tobacco, cocaine, and morphine to name a few; they aren’t notified at all about a pharmacy’s over-the-counter drugs. Pharmaceuticals are typically known to improve people’s lives that are suffering of medical issues. However fatal drug abuse are at an all time high and these are not the “bad drugs,” they are the drugs that doctors give to their clients. These physicians should be held accountable when they grant their clients medication and patients need to use their prescriptions properly.
Drug abuse has claimed the lives of many including those who have touched the hearts of countless of people around the world. Marilyn Monroe, Elvis Presley, Joan Rivers, Heath Ledger, Whitney Houston, and Michael Jackson all died by drug overdose. Shockingly enough, these were prescribed drugs meaning that doctors handed over a “death bill” to their patients. Physicians are not ethically responsible enough and remiss their patients of a prescription. For example, physicians do not have a lot of time in their day so when a patient comes in asking for a medication, many doctors will readily hand it to them. If the doctor thinks the medication is not necessary or appropriate, it would take some time to dissuade the patient.
This inaction leads to drug misuse and can sometimes be fatal. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, fro...

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...oids. To compare, only 3.27% of chronic patients become addicts meaning the other 96% of patients do not form an addiction.
Fatal prescription drug overdoes are at an all time high. Both physicians and patients take blame for these results. Physicians are not being ethically responsible and are not dissuading their clients from taking unnecessary medications. Physicians who are abusing their power as entrusted caregivers and supplying their clients with unnecessary drugs should be held criminally liable. The prosecution of Dr. Murray would help deter and discourage doctors extorting their positions out of profit and ambition. Addicted patients that are lying to their doctors to obtain and misuse their drugs should be sought out by doctors and therapists. When all of this can come together, the United States can finally be viewed as a responsible drug-heavy country

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