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Drowning Anna by Sue Mayfield Essay

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I read the book Drowning Anna by Sue Mayfield. It is a book about a girl who is forced to deal with a ruthless bully, Hayley Parkin. She also goes through heartbreak, backstabbing, and much more. Anna Goldsmith, the main character of my book, moves from a classy city in London, England, to a small Yorkshire town. At first, she is treated like a queen, mostly because of her movie-star good looks. She has beautiful black hair, and perfect, glowing skin. She is also an A student. She plays the in the orchestra and succeeds in everything that she does. Everyone liked her at first, especially Hayley Parkin. Hayley is rich and beautiful with long blonde hair. She is the popular girl who everyone bows down to. Hayley and Anna were inseparable at first. Haley would buy Anna clothes and fancy watches. Also at lunch Hayley would buy Anna cokes every day. And just as Anna thought she had a best friend already, for she had only been at the new school for a week, things changed, and they changed fast.
Hayley and Anna had only been friends for a week, and Hayley did what she usually did to all her friends. She dropped her, completely ignored her and didn’t talk to her. Hayley always did this to her friends. She decided that they weren’t good enough and dropped them like flies. But there was something different about Anna. I think that Hayley was jealous of Anna. Jealous that she was perfect, possibly more perfect then her. So she acted on it. Hayley decided to make Anna’s life miserable. And they were just small things like writing notes about her and calling her rude names, childish stuff. But like Anna said in the book, “It’s like she’s digging her nails into me. Just little scratches, but the same spot every time so that it hurts more an...

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...n’t faced an issue I wasn’t able to solve by myself. But I have friends that need my help and support. And so does Melanie, she has to help Anna deal with her bullying dilemma. Just like I have to help my friends deal with their problems.
I would recommend this book to all my friends. This is a book that I think would help my friends deal with a lot of their problems. For example, one problem that Anna has to face in the book is friends turning their backs on each other. I think that a lot of girls go through this problem, and this book would help anyone deal with that. On a scale from one to ten I would rate this book a ten, because the author really knew how to relate to the readers. And that always makes a story better when you can relate to it. I couldn’t put this book down, it was so magnificent. So I think that anyone could read this book, and enjoy it.

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