Essay about Drought Eastern Africa

Essay about Drought Eastern Africa

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The world should be pulling their resources together because the way the drought is affecting the Eastern Africa’s people is killing them. Reasonable one can not live in conditions where there is minimal food and water. People need to get their basic needs to survive and Eastern Africa is far from the ideal place to do so due to drought. The Eastern Africa people have limited crops which are mostly failing due to lack of water, little cattle herds due to the hot conditions and poor ground to feed on ,while the rest of the world has the resources to provide large-scale relief (Stewart, 2011). This is a big issue because on a global scale we are letting Eastern Africa’s people suffer when there is no need of it. The drought in Eastern Africa is causing many conflicts and death due to lack of food and water.
Meaning of Drought
“For most of the history of our species we were helpless to understand how nature works. We took every storm, drought, illness and comet personally. We created myths and spirits in an attempt to explain the patterns of nature (Druyan).” According to Fox, Drought came also be seen as a slow- motion train wreck. We still have a very short time to get the people off safely before the crash. This drought is causing long dry period in regions were rain fall is usually frequent enough. From there this drought is turning to more like a famine because the area in drought is so huge and is causing much conflict for the survival of the people (2011). These areas include Somalia, southern Ethiopia, and northern Kenya.

People occupations, social structure, and individual daily life before the drought :
Living standards before the drought were poor. Since 1984 at least sixty major food crisis occurred in E...

... middle of paper ...

...years ago and this statistic shows more people are living past the age of two, but are still in terrible conditions (Pflanz, 2011). Somali Dadaab has the worlds largest refugee camp in the world, and many are trying to move out of the location because there is no room for them (Stewart, 2011). Drought left hardship for all three regions and the impact is large-scale. The solution process to this drought is not making the impact it needs to for there is people dying daily from living in this drought.
Therefore, the fact remands this drought changed the way of East African peoples life and the affects on the children who never knew the environment any other way are all born into a life of inequality and with all the resources in the world and ability to make food surplus there is no reason to why people should be starving not only due drought but in any condition.

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