Essay on Drosophila Ausomal and Sex-Linked Cross

Essay on Drosophila Ausomal and Sex-Linked Cross

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Drosophila Autosomal and Sex-Linked Cross
The idea of the project was to experiment breeding Drosophila Melanogaster (fruit fly) to figure out if certain genes of that species were sex linked or not (autosomal). A mono-hybrid cross and di-hybrid cross was performed. For the mono-hybrid cross, white eyed female and red eyed male were placed in one vial for them to reproduce. For the di-hybrid cross, red eyed and normal winged flies and sepia eyed and vestigial winged flies were placed in their vial to reproduce. In the mono-hybrid cross the results expected were within a 1:1:1:1 ratio. Expected results similar to the expected desired null hypothesis proposed with what the F1 parental generation breeds. The potential results would have had to have been within the ratios of 9:3:3:1. The results were clear and allowed the null hypothesis to be correct. The white eyed gene in the fruit flies is sex linked. Sepia eyes and vestigial wings are not sex linked and are examples of independent assortment.

Genetics has given us important results with regards to knowing why certain organisms and their expressions are the way they are and how some expressions are suppressed due to those particular expressions being recessive. The reason is because genetics is the study of genes and the effects of it to organisms.
Genes are expected to give offspring hereditary similarities to the parent. However, this was not known and Gregory Mendel asked himself what was passed on by parents to their offspring that is the basis for similarity. Mendel would go on through experiments with pea plants to answer short questions. The answers were short as well as to say that the passing of characteristics from parents to the offspring is throug...

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...e 9:3:4:1 but it did not seem to be significant in the probability.

• Conclusion for class mono-hybrid cross: The p value 0.222 was in the non-significant range in the chi square table. The null hypothesis was therefore correct. The colors of the eyes are sex linked due to the equality in the amount of phenotypes given to both male and female.

• Conclusion for class di-hybrid cross: The p value 0.779 is in the non-significant range in the chi square table. The null hypothesis is therefore correct. Sepia eyes and vestigial wings in the flies is a mutation in the genes that is not linked meaning it is a product of independent assortment.

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