Essay about Dropping The Atomic Bombs Of The United States

Essay about Dropping The Atomic Bombs Of The United States

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Dropping the Atomic Bombs

Due to being tired of their negotiations with the U.S., on December 7, 1941, Japan dropped a surprise attack on the United States, in Pearl Harbor. Having been at war with Japan for quite a long time, president Truman, gathered scientists to come up with the atomic bombs. The creation of the nuclear weapons was kept a secret, called the Manhattan Project. The project consisted of making two atomic bombs. Each of the explosives had names Fat Man, and Little Boy. President Truman did not live to see the Manhattan Project finished, but the next president, F.D.R., did. Franklin Roosevelt continued with Truman 's plan, as he believed to, it was the right thing to do. On August 6, 1945, the first atomic bomb was dropped on Hiroshima. After this devastating surprise , Japan still refused to back down. Therefore, he was determined to fight till the last man was standing, in order to get what he wanted. F.D.R. went on in action, giving the order to drop the second bomb. Three days later, August, 9, the second bomb was dropped on, this time, Nagasaki. Japan surrendered to the United States almost immediately after. Though this operation ended the conflict rapidly, the president shouldn 't have dropped the nuclear bombs, because the radiation caused people to get diseases and cancers, also innocent lives were lost, which left people orphaned or without families.

The Japanese people showed a resistance in caving in. They fought till the last guy. They didn 't want to give up for nothing, unleashing kamikaze attacks and having mass murders. So the United States needed to do something to end this fast. President Truman came up with the plan to use, powerful weapons against them. Truman 's procedure...

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...heir situation? It was not fair or right to do this to innocent lives.

It is clear that although the decision of dropping the atomic bombs ended the war rapidly, the president shouldn 't have dropped the nuclear bombs for two main reasons. First the radiation caused people to get diseases and develop cancers in which many died from, or suffered through it. The other reason, most importantly, innocent lives were lost. They may not have died right away, but they went through a lot of pain before they eventually did. With people gone, this meant that children, A-bomb orphans, and elderly, The Elderly Orphans, were left orphans or without families. In conclusion Japan surprise attacked the United States on Pearl Harbor, and the United
States got them back with the atomic bomb surprise attack on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Just because the U.S. could have, should they have?

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