Essay on Dropping Out Of High School

Essay on Dropping Out Of High School

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One thousand. That number represents the number of students across America that have dropped out of high school, today alone (Camera). But what does it truly mean to drop out of high school? Most would consider dropping out as abandoning their education without getting a degree. However, experts say that dropping out includes receiving a General Education Development, or GED, which allows the owner to graduate earlier than their graduation date (Paulson). Neither one of these options is the smartest choice, and researchers continue to attempt to find ways to lower the drop out rates. Leaving secondary school early, for any reason, can produce negative effects in students’ futures.
Dropping out of school retains an immense amount of repercussions, so researchers on the topic constantly find themselves asking the question: what consists of the deciding factors that these students use to make the life-altering decision of leaving their secondary education? Through research and surveys, it was discovered that students could have a multitude of reasons, all ranging in different categories, such as personal health or academic problems.
According to a survey done in the year 2006, the majority of reasons that kids dropped out of high school had to do with a lack of interest. 47% of students surveyed said that the classes were not interesting. About 43% of students who had dropped out had missed too many classes, and couldn’t get caught up. 42% of the students claimed to have spent a lot of their time with others who were not interested in school, and 35% of the students said it was because they were failing out of school, anyways. With much disappointment, the conclusion states that these reasons exist because students didn’t posses...

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... that schools can fix this problem by developing a caring environment that produces students who can think critically and actively engage in the world around them (“High School Dropouts”).
With continued research by experts and the growing determination of students across the country, the United States can lower the number of high school drop outs from one thousand per day to under one hundred, and possibly to even less than that in the near future (Camera). A life without a diploma is a hard one, and little to no people are successful without one. Receiving a GED or dropping out of high school is not the smartest or optimal decision students’ make in their lives. It can affect their mental abilities, social tendencies, health, and job-receiving probabilities in an adverse fashion. Leaving secondary school earlier than the graduation date damages students’ futures.

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