Essay on Dropping Out of High School

Essay on Dropping Out of High School

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Many family factors may predispose adolescents to risk classifying themselves into one of those three categories listed above that influence dropping out. Certainly, students who drop out of high school generally come from homes with a weaker educational support system, in which there are low expectations regarding the schooling of their children, a lack of supervision, and a careless parenting style (Strom & Boster, 2007).
Having expectations encourages people to live up to them. Teen students whose parents did not expect much for their academic achievements were way more likely to drop out (Blondal & Adalbjarnardottir, 2009). Expectations for a great education that are mutual and ingrained in families may provide enough supportive communication to prevent any predispositions to dropping out. Strom & Boster (2007) showed that “an increase in supportive communication between parents and students decreases academic stress for students and influences students’ achievement in school as well as school completion (p. 436).” Through interaction, a child may discover the parent’s attitude towards the importance of education and its implications. Finding out that education is imperative to their parents, student’s approach toward school may generate a positively reinforcement because of the expected supportive communication in their home.
Parental involvement in overseeing their kid’s homework and in activities where the parent has a relationship with the teacher lessens the chance that the student will drop out (Blondal & Adalbjarnardottir, 2009). However, it is important to note that Blondal & Adalbjarnardottir (2009) also found some indication that parental involvement “decreased the likelihood of dropping out within authoritative fami...

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Beyond forgone income and revenues, the costs socially of dropping out are even more. As Rumbeger (1987) documented, “high school dropouts are more likely to require a wide range of social services, including welfare, medical assistance, and unemployment assistance…have poorer health, have lower rates of intergenerational mobility, and lower rates of political participation (p.115).” These unfortunate people rely more and more upon the government and others to provide for their needs that they miss out on the beauty of self dependence.
There are also other psychological implications of drop outs. First of all when contrast with other groups, dropouts, were more apt to have consumed all forms of drugs and to indicate current moderate or heavy drug use (Beauvais et al., 1996). Also, a surprisingly 68% of State prison inmates have not obtained a high school diploma.

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