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The Dropout Crisis Essay

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The Dropout Crisis
In a rural area just outside of Chicago, 150 students marched at the graduation ceremony. That is a far cry from the 300 students that enrolled as freshman just four years ago. This is not an inner city school, but it is a reminder that there is a crisis in our nation. The high school dropout problem is everywhere. Speakers at graduation ceremonies talk about the aspirations and big dreams of the graduating class. No one ever mentions or notices the bleak futures of their peers who chose to dropout before receiving their diplomas. The reasons for dropping out vary by race, sex and community. Teenagers live in the present moment, never looking too far ahead to realize what the consequences could be if they left high school without a graduating. They have no idea that their opportunities in life will be at risk without a high school diploma.
High school students do not know that there is a cost for not graduating.
There are many reasons why students choose to drop out of high school. In a national report compiled by Civic Enterprises, students who left school before graduating were surveyed on their experiences. “Nearly half (47 percent) said a major reason for dropping out was that the classes were not interesting,” (Bridgeland 3). They were bored and unmotivated. They also believed that the classes were irrelevant to real life experiences. “Thirty five percent said that failing in school was a major factor of dropping out; three out of ten said they could not keep up with school work; and 43 percent said they missed too many days of school and could not catch up,” (Bridgeland 3). Studies have shown that many of these students have low level reading skills, preventing them from keeping up with or under...

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...tart cracking down on their studies they will have a much better life ahead of them.

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