Drop Out Rates in Hawaiian Schools Essay

Drop Out Rates in Hawaiian Schools Essay

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When it comes to drop outs, those students do not seem to realize how close they truly are to success, high school is such a small part of a person’s life and some of those people have problems completing their education. Even though there is not enough funds to make sure all students can complete their high school careers, I believe the amount of high school students dropping out is getting too high because education is a large part of our civilization. You need to have a certain knowledge base in order to get by and students need an education in order to get further in their life goals. If we created more opportunities, used a high amount of the state money towards education, there would be a higher completion rate of high school graduates.
There are not enough funds to make sure all the students can complete their high school careers. In the year 2008 the economic collapse, there was a $469 million cut. With this cut for the educational system it created a large drop in funds for each individual school. Also with the low funding there, are job cuts, so there are less teachers and administrators to be able to help every student, some schools even get threatened to get shut down. Honaunau Elementary school is one of those school which had a chance of getting shut down because of educational funding cuts. There has been job cuts and there has been 33,500 teachers who lost their jobs, this creates a large jump in student teacher ratio. The student teacher ratio is going up with the cost cuts creating too many students per teacher, this also, this creates an issue with the No Child Left Behind Act, the teacher does not have enough time to assure that each and every student understands the information given. When a school gets shut d...

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...high school is such a small thing to get you going and if you think about it, it will all be worth it in the end. So what would you do, drop out after you have already done all the work or finish and continue on with your dreams?

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