Drones : Unmanned Aerial Vehicles Essay examples

Drones : Unmanned Aerial Vehicles Essay examples

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Drones are also called unmanned aerial vehicles. They come in various sizes for many purposes of uses. Drones are known by different names such as “Killer Drone” or “Spy” or “Surveillance Drone” as they are mostly use to decimate enemy and harm civilians, which is why drones received negative feedback from the public. Not all people use drones in warfare, they also use them as a hobby to film and entertain. Despite drones have negative sides, they also have positive sides as well.
In the United States, people worried that drones would be used near their home because they equip with a camera and that make people feel restless or uncomfortable when a drone nearby. A lot of people don’t realize that drones flying around neighbor are not much, but if we take privacy into account then that 's certainly a problem. People wanted a measure against drones, which is an outright ban on them. However, drones are now used by the government for war. With the use of drones, there is no need for any military official is a part of the combat hence it saves lives as well. In the military, drones are also the perfect tool for spying because we cannot detect them from radar or sensor. Therefore, they unnoticed by radar; infact that allow us to increase in surveillance and military intelligence. Airplanes and helicopters are getting replaced by drones because of the cost and efficiency. They are also capable of staying in operation for longer hours as compared to airplanes because they don’t use human pilot. Moreover, it allows people with acrophonic to control the drones without staying inside like airplanes or helicopters. Drones are more affordable and their price is between from one-hundred dollars to a thousand or more. They are comparatively ch...

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... and drone is our very first step which allows us to develop to a higher level.
People all across the world are using drones because they believe that we can gain more benefit than suffer. Drones scared people around the world because of what they called them, “Killer Drone” or “Spy” or “Surveillance Drone”, but drones are used for peaceful and safe purposes in something that would put someone’s life at a risk. Drones are cheap and easy to use. So, they could use as a life-saving tool. A lot of people want to put drones on the ban, but that would only result in getting abolish of the industry and hobby of many. Because of drones are new many people just can’t get used to them, but as the times went by drones would be an irreplaceable thing in their life like our phone. We are advancing civilization and drone is just a step that helps us surpassing in our technology.

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